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Organic Home Garden

Southside Community Garden (Nonprofit)

Project Details

Marketing Key - a company's understanding of its target audience and the objectives "tasks" needed to be done to reach their audience within a certain time period.


Situation Analysis - the process of examining a company and its competitors on the basis of size and share of the market, sales history including costs and profits, the use of advertising, the nature and types of customers, and more.


PR Brief - a document containing information about the business, where they are, and the company's goals. It's the process of managing communications between a business and its public or constituents. It is a marketing tactic used to inform and educate: Customers. Employees.


Blog - often, businesses have blogs on their websites, making it easier for users to find and engage with your posts. Within the blog, you can share long-form articles about topics the target audience may want to read or learn about.

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